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Hello planners!

Wow, what a week it has been for me. On Tuesday, on Instagram I shared that on the 3rd of this month, I was very close to breaking point.


I knew something needed to be done, before I no longer had control of what could happen if another day like that happened.

So I asked my husband if he could take over homeschooling our younger son (who is on the autism spectrum) as I believed I was burnout after after nearly doing it for 4 years. And I would give content creation a go full-time.

I discussed the changes we are making in the PLAN WITH ME! LIVE! video I did on Monday 20th, 2023.


That first night after we made the decision, I slept over 9 hours as the weight was lifted off my shoulders.


However, soon after, worry and doubt started to creep in. Did I make the right decision? What if it doesn't work? What if we are not able to support the household with "content creation"?

Will THIS anxiety wreck havoc with my mental well-being?

So I remembered from one of the Headspace mediation I had listened to how worry can lead to anxiety and lack of sleep and this can lead to a "bi-directional relationship".

One of the things to help manage worry is to schedule a daily "Worry Time".

So a few hours before bed, set a time for around 20 minutes, grab a pen and paper and write down ALL of the worries rattling in your brain - free of judgement or conclusion.

So, I created a Worry Log planner insert to be able to do just that.


So you write down anything and everything and what I have found is that I don't actually use up the full 20 minutes even though I think I have a lot of worries.

I have been using it a few times now. I found I didn't need to schedule "worry time" every night as I implemented a "productive worry time".

This is after wrting down all the worries on one side, on the other is to write down the next step or solution.

I've found that by actioning the next step and focusing on that, I had less time to worry and be in my head!


So for me, I am using this Worry Log for those times I can't shake off the worries or I procrastinate on doing the next action step.


If you are not ready yet to write down a next step or trying to find the solution will drive you to worry more, there is also a version where you only write down the worries.


If this is something you think will help you out, this Worry Log Planner Insert  printable download is available in A5, Happy Planner Classic and Letter / Big Happy Planner sizes.


So far, this has been very helpful keeping my worries at bay. It's giving me piece of mind that I am already addressing and have noted down what needs to happen.

If you find yourself worrying through out the day that is outside your scheduled "worry time", remind yourself you have allocated time to worry about your concerns later.

I tell myself "No, remember you have 20 minutes later tonight to worry about it, not now."

If you find you are still worrying a lot and it becomes un-manageable and prevents you from functioning in your daily life, make sure to reach out and ask for help.

Look after yourself! 

I truly appreciate you and for following me here, on Instagram and YouTube.


Mariane xxx











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