Plan with Me / April 11 -1 7

I've just uploaded my "Weekly Plan With Me" for the new week of April 11-17.




I normally film my "Plan With Me" videos on a Saturday morning before the rest of the house wake up (hubby and 2 young sons).

But yesterday, I slept in. The boys ventured out to the shops so that I can film in silence, but instead of filming, I dithered about the flat and didn't film until they got back.

So in this video, you will hear lots of background noises ... hubby in the kitchen cleaning up (lucky me, right?) and my younger son bouncing to get his sensory proprioceptive needs.

But hey, making it work!


Hope you enjoy the video and get some ideas for your weekly set up for the new week. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section of the YouTube video and make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!

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Thank you and have a fabulous day!


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