After a payday or other scheduled inflow of funds, I update the funds tracker I have in my A5 planner.

A5 Funds Tracker Printable Download


I’ve grouped our funds into 4 different categories: cash envelopes, debit “cash envelopes” accounts, sinking funds and savings accounts. I created clear dividers for my A5 planner for easy access to these pages (you can find a YouTube video on how I created these clear dividers from laminating sheets HERE.)

Clear dividers using laminating sheets


With my funds tracker, there are 3 trackers per page and I print as many as I need and use the first tracker for that category as my total colour the border and add stickers to highlight it.


I add up the cash in each envelopes, then the total in each accounts I have in my bank account for my debit “cash envelopes” as well as our sinking funds and savings accounts.



Finally, I use the very last tracker as my totals’ TOTAL of all the liquid funds we have. That is cash + debit account funds. Again, I highlight and add stickers to make it stand out.


This has been a great way to keep an eye on our funds and is a motivating factor to move closer towards our financial goals.

If you wanted a copy of my A5 funds tracker, you can purchase it HERE in my Etsy shop.

Have a wonderful day!

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